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Start a 
career in tech
without learning to code

With online classes and top of their game instructors, GrowthPound teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 8 weeks...

GrowthPound Grads work at fast-growth tech companies...

Sales roles are the 
best kept secret in techGrowthPound is your way in.

Get a high salary

Sales or Customer Success roles are well paid. The average full-time salaries range from £40,000+

Become future-proof

GrowthPound Grads learn in-demand skills so you can secure a stable position in a growing industry

You don't need a university degree

GrowthPound grads secure jobs in tech companies which usually require a degree, even if you don't have one!

Grow faster

GrowthPound not only gives you the skills you need to be a success, but introduces you directly to hiring managers at vetted, fast-growing tech companies

... Oh, and never get bored

Tech Sales and Customer Success jobs are full of exciting challenges that will push you in the right direction. You won't find yourself watching the clock, or crying hiding in the toilets again

Only 8 weeks will change your life...

You'll learn:

Week 1: Tech Sales Foundations

Start your journey by learning the art and science of modern tech sales

Week 2: Sales Mindset

Learn how you can smash your goals whilst consistently increasing your performance (and your salary)

Week 3: Inbound Sales

Become an expert at closing the deal with hot leads

Week 4: Outbound Sales

Become an expert at researching the right prospects, and master the ultimate discovery process

Week 5: Social Selling

Build your own professional personal brand and become a pro at selling with social media

Week 6: Sales & Marketing

Discover how to upgrade your performance through aligning your efforts with marketing

Week 7: Tech Stack

Gain complete confidence using tech sales tools

Week 8: Interview Readiness

Learn exactly how you can secure your first dream job in tech!


How much does it cost?

Lucky you! You got here just in time!...

This October we're running a limited offer of lifetime access for only £497 (one time payment) for new students who sign up for GrowthPound in October 2021. Don't miss out!

How much time does it take?

GrowthPound is self-paced to fit your schedule. If you dedicate 2 hours per day, 5 days per week, you'll graduate in 8 weeks. We're inclusive, understanding and made for your routine. 

Is it for people like me?

GrowthPound is for ambitious and motivated people from all backgrounds, locations and education levels. All you need to join is a strong work-ethic, a stable internet connection and a small investment in yourself. 

How can I apply?

You can apply here.

Couldn't I just apply directly to get a sales or customer success role?

Yes you could, however without years of experience it's a challenge! It's important to keep in mind with a limited skillset you won't be able to command a higher salary, or work in your dream company. GrowthPound graduates are confident, fully trained and therefore less risky and more attractive to hire. 


The fastest and easiest way to start your new career in tech

Learn new skills that get REAL results

GrowthPound will show you exactly how to do your new job so well that you'll be on the fast-track for promotion. Our curriculum is action-based and focused on getting you results, not teaching abstract, unactionable theory.

Connect with the best companies and smash your interview

Not only will you feel confident in your new skillset, GrowthPound shows you exactly how to get the job of your dreams. Learn the research and interview skills you need to secure the position you really want. 

Join a winning community

Make new connections and friends in a like-minded community.

Looking to hire GrowthPound Grads?

Become a hiring partner and reach your targets faster!

GrowthPound is on a mission

We're working to make tech accessible to people from all backgrounds and locations, for a more diverse and interesting future.
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