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Effortlessly hire 
fully-trained expert salespeople and rapidly grow your tech business, with zero risk. 

GrowthPound makes it easier than ever before to move the needle without the headache of recruiting, hiring, training and developing your sales team...

Imagine being able to hire superstar salespeople
who know exactly how to hit targets and get you real results.

With GrowthPound, now you can!

GrowthPound Software Sales University

Candidates Trusted & Trained To Hit Real Revenue Targets By

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The fastest and easiest way to grow your tech business

Killer Candidates Trained By Industry Experts

Our team is trusted by J.P Morgan, Softbank, Vuel Ventures, and many more of the top venture capitalists in the world to hit real revenue targets month after month. 

Our candidates are fully vetted and are graduates of our signature ‘Software Sales University’ (12-week software sales training program). 

Trainers have 100X WeWork’s growth and have taken multiple tech companies from under 10K to multi-million acquisitions. 

Our candidates know how to move the needle.

Effortless Placement

Simply tell us what you need and we’ll match you with the best candidates for your specific requirements. 

Our candidates are trained to be disciplined and motivated remote first  (we can also match you with location-specific candidates depending on your needs).

World-Class Training and Up-Skilling

Our candidates have lifetime access and support from our Software Sales University. 

We constantly evolve our world-class curriculum as markets, technologies and trends change. 

Meaning you’ll gain new insights and ideas even after your new hire has been placed. 

You’d want to hire the strongest devs to build your solution. Now you can hire the strongest salespeople to grow your revenue.

You can be certain that your new sales hires will hit the ground running and become your next superstars.

Success Guarentee

We provide a 60-day guarantee so you can feel confident that your new sales team member will be a success. 

If for any reason your new hire doesn't work out, we’ll replace them free of charge. 

You can have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


    Is GrowthPound a recruitment company?

    No, we're a professional Sales Software University that partners with revenue-focused and forward-thinking technology companies who are looking to create an extremely high-performance sales team.

    How much does it cost?

    Pricing is dependent on your needs, we offer two packages:

    Flat Fee Placement: If your business hires contractors, or salaried employees we offer a simple flat placement fee with a discounted rate on multiple placements. Please book a Sales Strategy call below to discuss your needs with us. 

    Commission Only: If you are already running or considering running a commission-only sales team please book a Sales Strategy call below to discuss your needs and discover more.

    What about diversity?

    Our mission is to make tech accessible to people from all backgrounds and locations, for a more diverse and interesting future.

    Our candidates are diverse, motivated and ready to grow your company.

    What are the benefits of becoming a GrowthPound partner?

    Partnership with GrowthPound is free. With us you can:
    • Connect directly with our top Software Sales University graduates
    • Save time, money and effort lost searching, interviewing and training salespeople
    • Grow your diverse sales team quickly and effortlessly
    • ​Feel confident with our 60-day placement guarantee

    Book Your Sales Strategy Session Now

    Here's what you'll discover:

    • How you can grow your company's revenue quicker and easier, whilst smashing ambitious sales targets and saving money
    • ​Why so many tech companies really miss their growth targets and the secret process that the fastest growing tech companies on the planet use
    • The simple plan for you to be able to hit your sales targets with us, even if this is your very first or 100th sales hire
    • ​​How GrowthPound’s partner pricing and process works and the risk-free models we use to ensure your success...

    Your Journey To Fast Growth Starts Here...

    Become a hiring partner and reach your sales targets faster with expertly trained full cycle salespeople!

    GrowthPound is on a mission

    We're working to make tech accessible to people from all backgrounds and locations, for a more diverse and interesting future.
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