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Start a very 
career in tech
without learning to code

With online classes and top of their game instructors, GrowthPound teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready in just 8 weeks...
GrowthPound Software Sales University

GrowthPound Software Sales University Grads can work 
100% remotely, building financial freedom at 
fast-growth tech companies...

GrowthPound Software Sales University

Software sales roles are the 
best kept secret in techGrowthPound is your way in.

Get a high salary

Software Sales roles are extremely well paid. The average full-time salary is $76,301 per year. We won't train you to be average, you'll be making 6-figures by year 2. 

Become future-proof

GrowthPound Grads learn in-demand skills so you can secure a stable software sales career in a growing industry.

You don't need a university degree

GrowthPound grads secure jobs in tech companies without a degree or prior software sales experience. You'll learn everything you need to know to hit the ground running.

Grow faster

GrowthPound not only gives you the skills you need to be a success, but introduces you directly to hiring managers at vetted, fast-growing tech companies!

... Oh, and never get bored

Software sales is exciting and challenging. Fulfil your full potential with a stable and incredible career path. You won't find yourself watching the clock, or crying hiding in the toilets again
GrowthPound Software Sales University

Only 8 weeks will change your life...

You'll learn:

Week 1: Software Sales Foundations

Start your journey by learning the art and science of remote software sales

Week 2: High-Performance Sales Mindset

Learn how you can smash your goals whilst consistently increasing your performance (and your salary)

Week 3: Prospecting Mastery

Become an expert at researching the right prospects, and master the ultimate discovery process

Week 4: Social Selling

Build your own professional personal brand and become a pro at selling with social media

Week 5: Negotiation & Closing

Become an expert at closing the deal with hot leads

Week 6: Advanced Sales Process

Discover how to take a cold lead to a closed buyer in the shortest time-frame possible

Week 7: Industry Tools & Tech Stack

Gain complete confidence using the most powerful and modern tech sales tools

Week 8: Interview Readiness

Learn exactly how you can secure your first dream job in tech!

*Our curriculum evolves with the industry and market and is subject to improve.


The fastest and easiest way to start your new high-paid career in tech

Built for remote

Our 8-week program is 100% remote and self-paced - designed to get you a high-paid remote (or in office if your prefer) software sales career!

Learn new skills that get REAL results

GrowthPound Software Sales University will show you exactly how to do your new job so well that you'll be on the fast-track for promotion. Our program is action-based and focused on getting you results, not teaching abstract theory.

Connect with the best companies and smash your interview

Not only will you feel confident in your new skillset, GrowthPound shows you exactly how to get the job of your dreams. Learn the research and interview skills you need to secure the position you really want. 

Join a winning community

Make new connections and friends in a like-minded community.

FAQs: The Process

What is GrowthPound Software Sales University?

GrowthPound Software Sales University is a remote training program and supportive community to help you get hired, promoted and level up to 6 figure software sales career.

Because we're a membership association and not boot camp, or postsecondary education, we are tied to your career success.

Together we will train, mentor and help you network to land a full-time sales job in a business-to-business (B2B) software company within about 8 weeks, even if you currently have no previous tech or sales experience.

And it continues with lifetime access so you can enjoy content updates, job references, our active online members-only group, and partner job opportunities.

How much does it cost?

Lucky you! You got here just in time!...

We're running a limited offer of lifetime access for only £997 (one time payment) for first 10 students who sign up for GrowthPound Software Sales University for a January 2023 start dates. Don't miss out!

    How long does it take to complete the program and get hired?

    GrowthPound typically takes around 60 - 90 hours over 6-8 weeks (about 10 hours per week).

    That includes assignments to show your understanding and gain essential feedback from your mentor.

    Your aptitude and attitude will determine how quickly you’ll be able to complete the program.

    If you're unemployed or have a few hours a day, you could complete GrowthPound more quickly.

    Is it for people like me?

    GrowthPound is for ambitious and motivated people from all backgrounds, locations and education levels. All you need to join is a strong work-ethic, native English language abilities (speaking, writing and listening), basic computer skills (you know how to type without spending a long time looking for the right key), a stable internet connection and a small investment in yourself. 

    How can I apply?

    You can apply here.

    Couldn't I just apply directly to get an entry level software sales job?

    Yes you could, however without years of experience it's a challenge!

    It's important to keep in mind with a limited skillset you won't be able to command a higher salary, or work in your dream company.

    GrowthPound graduates are confident, fully trained and therefore less risky and more attractive to hire. 

    What makes GrowthPound Software Sales University different from anything else out there?

    GrowthPound is a lifetime community, with ongoing access to our Software Sales University content updates, mentoring, job references, our active online members-only group, and partner job opportunities. We're not a course, a bootcamp, an academy or postsecondary education.

    We are the only program that is built, designed and focused on helping you become a 100% remote, 6-figure software salesperson. 

    With that in mind, when you're considering how to take your career in a new direction, we suggest you also ask some key questions:
    Who is giving the training? 

    Many programs are theory-based from academic teachers who have never lived the day-to-day of what they’re teaching you! 

    The GrowthPound team have worked in remote software sales and has made 6 figure salaries doing so. Our program is action-based and gets you focused on the activity that moves you forward. Not abstract theory. 

    How long does it take to get started? Many programs have a lengthy application process which takes forever to get started. With GrowthPound, you can invest with a £97 deposit and get started quickly.

    How much content and training is there? GrowthPound’s Software Sales University is 40+ hours in course content, plus time spent with your mentors making sure you’re confident for taking the next steps in your career path. 

    Do you have to attend training live?

    If a program doesn't let you train on your own time (since you may be working a full-time job, have family obligations, etc.), it won't work.

    Our training is video-based and self-paced which allows you to access and learn when you want, where you want. 

    GrowthPound Software Sales University is designed to fit you and your lifestyle. 

    What kind of support do you offer? 

    We offer world-class email support and weekly live group video calls so you can learn from others. 

    How long is your application process?

    1 week maximum. 

    Simply click apply, complete the quick quiz, and our team will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss next steps and answer any questions you have.

    What kind of sales experience do I need?

    You do not need any previous sales experience, just the desire to learn. 

    How much tech experience do I need?

    You do not need any experience in tech, nor do you need to be a geek ;-)

    We’re here to sell the software and make some serious money, not geek out on the amazing features!

    However, you do need basic computer proficiency to succeed in GrowthPound's Software Sales University.

    What are you looking for in students?

    Positive attitude: Our best students have a positive mindset and are coachable. Whether you already have years of sales experience or this is your first time in remote software sales, you’re in the best hands.

    Communication: You have native-level English (reading, writing and listening) skills, you can follow instructions well the first time around and have basic computer skills (including typing without thinking about where the keys are), then you can probably learn software sales.
    Motivation: You’re ambitious and excited to get your start in the tech industry. You love challenges and are self-motivated and disciplined. You’re disciplined, know you can overcome negative emotions and setbacks and understand that your ultimate success is based on your commitment and discipline. 

    Responsibility: You can be counted on. You say you’re doing to do something and do it. You take full responsibility for your actions and don’t blame others for your failures. You can manage your time effectively and take pride in your work.

    Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

    Yes, if you follow the program, do exactly what we tell you to do and follow the instructions and you still can’t get a software sales job within 6 months, we’ll give you a full refund. 

    This isn’t a no-questions-asked guarantee. 

    We’re so certain that what we do works, that we’re confident it won’t come to this. 

    We will ask you for proof to show you followed all of the steps and didn’t see success. 

    Once I join can I leave GrowthPound without any obligation?

    You're free to exit GrowthPound within your first 7 days of membership as long as you're less than 20% through the program. You will know how far into the course you are because our platform shows your exact % progress as you go.

    If you choose to exit under those milestones, you'll be released with no future obligations and a full refund within 14 days.

    When’s the next starting date for your program?

    January 2023. 

    Once we launch in January, you’ll be granted 24/7 access to complete the program at your own pace. 

    We’ll discuss and share schedules for our live weekly group calls and you’ll be given access to our support team to help you along your journey!

    What equipment do I need to join?

    You need a working computer with a camera (not a tablet, it needs to use Mac or Windows OS), a mobile phone, wifi. If you decide you want an ‘in-office’ job rather than 100% remote, you’ll need transportation. 

    However, our program is designed for you to be 100% remote. 

    Other than a GrowthPound membership, what else do I need to buy?


    This is a lifetime membership with access to all updates from GrowthPound’s Software Sales University. 

    On the next page, you’ll be shown your price (if you qualify for Early Bird pricing).

    If you’re lucky enough to qualify for Early Bird pricing then the total investment is only the £97 deposit plus a one-time payment (of the pricing shown on the next page).

    The deposit payment will be taken immediately to secure your spot. 

    The full investment will be taken when you begin the program in January. We’ll be in contact with more details and the dates once your deposit is locked in. 

    FAQs: The Job

    Can I do software sales part-time?


    The majority of companies want sales people working full-time in the timezone of the prospects. 

    This simply means you get a job or a sales territory that works best for your timezone or preferred working hours. 

    How often will I need to travel?

    GrowthPound is focused on getting you a high-paid, 100% remote software sales job. 

    You’ll be connecting with your colleagues, team and prospects most likely using Zoom or GoogleMeet. 

    Many software companies offer ‘team retreats’ once a year or more, where the company flies the entire team to a fun location so you can hang out a build a connection with your team in person. The cost is always covered by the company and is an added perk to the job. 

    How long does it take to make 6 figures?

    According to, the average income for an experienced person is listed at $158,640 in 2022 (USD).

    But making $100,000+ is NOT average for software salespeople in the first year.

    In your first year, the average total earnings (base salary + commissions) is $60,000 - $80,000. Of that, $40,000 - $60,000 tends to be the base salary.

    From what we've seen, making 6 figures can happen within just a few years in the industry.

    *We list the salaries in USD as most remote software salespeople begin travelling after securing a role!

    What are the things software sales people do every day?

    The specific work varies slightly from company to company, but your new role will focus around:
    1. Prospecting

    Prospecting includes identifying ideal businesses and reaching out to them to open a conversation (normally by email or phone).
    2. Qualifying

    Qualifying is asking questions to see if someone is a potential fit for your solution.

    3. Scheduling

    Scheduling is setting meetings between the prospect and an Account Executive (AE) for a software demo.

    4. Closing
    Doing demos and closing new clients via video conferencing with screen sharing remotely.
    A typical day working remotely looks like this:

    8:30 - 9:30 am: Breakfast, emails, calls and connecting on Linkedin

    9:30 - 12 pm: Research, mapping and outreach to decision-makers at target companies 

    12 - 1 pm: Lunch break doing what enjoy and exploring new things!

    1:00 - 4:30 pm: Online meetings with prospects 

    4:30 - 5:30 pm: Respond to emails and plan the next day

    6 pm: Dinner, plans with friends and explore wherever you’ve chosen to travel or live!

    If this schedule sounds awful, then software sales probably isn't the right fit for you. Or, if it sounds good, yet you just don't have the experience, that's what we train and mentor you to give you.

    What kind of job security is in software sales?

    The tech industry has a half-million companies and around 50K new tech startups each year. Options and opportunities are abundant for you to pick a company that suits you and move between companies when the time feels right. 

    Software sales is one of the most recession-proof careers because companies still need software during a crisis or recession. 

    Our program will give you the real-world skillset you need to become a top performer at any company you decide to join, along with lifetime membership so you can continue to upskill as technology and the industry evolves. 

    What are common promotion paths?

    After working as a Full Cycle Sales Person, it's common to be promoted to Sales Team Leader, Sales Manager, or other management roles depending on your personality and desired career path. 

    Why can’t I just get an entry-level sales job and get the company to train me?

    You might be able to. But, most find it extremely challenging if not impossible to get even entry-level 100% remote tech sales jobs as it’s so much more difficult to train a beginner to software sales remotely. 

    Being realistic, even with sales experience in another industry, it will take you 6 months+ to get a software sales job alone, and you most likely will have to take a position at a company that wasn’t your first choice. 

    With GrowthPound’s Software Sales University, you won’t have to take an entry-level job you’ll be able to go straight for a junior position, saving you years of time and increasing your salary straight out the gate!

    How do I know this isn’t some elaborate scam?

    We are a UK-registered business which you can find on the government website here.

    Our founders are Benjamin Bowes and Emma Tiegan - check us out...

    On our Linkedin profiles, you can see our experience, and references, read our story and see that we have been helping tech businesses grow their revenue previous to helping people get into software sales. 

    Software sales has always been at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been training our team to sell software for our clients, as well as working in the tech industry for many years. 

    Benjamin has worked as a Director Of Sales for a software company called Capdesk, which because of its fast growth (lots of sales) was acquired in 2022. 

    Emma has worked as Global Head of Customer Success for a software company called SmarterQueue and has helped put together a winning curriculum which ensures your success as a remote software salesperson. 

    Do I need to be a certain age, live, or be in a certain country or location to become a GrowthPound member?

    You might be able to. But, most find it extremely challenging if not impossible to get even entry-level 100% remote tech sales jobs as it’s so much more difficult to train a beginner to software sales remotely. 

    Being realistic, even with sales experience in another industry, it will take you 6 months+ to get a software sales job alone, and you most likely will have to take a position at a company that wasn’t your first choice. 

    With GrowthPound’s Software Sales University, you won’t have to take an entry-level job you’ll be able to go straight for a junior position, saving you years of time and increasing your salary straight out the gate!

    Will I be an SDR? 


    Sales Development Reps (SDRs) have one of the highest burnout rates in sales teams, which is why we never promote SDR training or splitting sales teams with the tech companies we partner with. 

    SDR work is like checking the boxes, day in and day out. Once you get the hang of it, it can quickly becoming very boring and unfulfilling. 

    We will train you in full cycle sales to become a expert full cycle sales expert.

    You will be a master of every part of the sales process, from research and prospecting to negotiating and closing.

    Meaning your job will be diverse, fun and you'll earn a fat commission from the deals you close. Not a small fee for meetings booked ;-)

    Looking to hire GrowthPound Grads?

    Become a hiring partner and reach your sales targets faster with expertly trained full cycle sales assassins!

    GrowthPound is on a mission

    We're working to make tech accessible to people from all backgrounds and locations, for a more diverse and interesting future.
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