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Background & Previous Experience

Capdesk. Fintech SaaS
£5K to £1Million in 12 months

Capdesk Funding
Christian Gabriel Portrait
Christian Gabriel
Capdesk CEO

Geniac. Fintech SaaS
£0K to £1Million in 12 months

Geniac series A funding
Mike Galvin portrait
Mike Galvin
Geniac CEO

SmarterQueue. MarTech SaaS bootstrapped
£30K to £1Million 
without paid ads

GrowthPound and Rachel Pedersen
"I don't think I've ever (worked with a company) so permanently enthusiastic and capable, the energy spread throughout the whole company. Organised, fast, and a great can-do attitude, SmarterQueue wouldn't be the same without all (their) incredible work. Whether you're looking to grow your acorn of a business into a tree; plant more trees to make a forest; or turn you overgrown weeds into an enchanted forest, (they) can do it all!" 

-Claude Schneider, CEO @ SmarterQueue.
Claude Schneider portrait
Claude Schneider

WeWork. High ticket
100X growth in 24 months
Complete market domination

WeWork revenue targets
WeWork becomes London's biggest office occupier
Adam Neumann portrait
Adam Neumann
WeWork CEO

Who is GrowthPound perfect for?

SaaS founders & CEOs

Imagine hitting your first million without the need to raise more money. Running lean, with ridiculous efficiency and insanely profitable.

High ticket service businesses

Imagine leading your startup with complete confidence, certain that month on month you're not only going to hit your revenue goals, but lead an ultra high performance team.
  • You have at least 2 paying customers and are serious about growth
  • ​You are ready and willing to invest in yourself and your company to get results
  • ​You are a decision maker 
  • ​You are motivated and hungry for success

What no-one is telling you about the knowledge gap to hit £10Million+

So you’ve launched your SaaS startup and seriously need to grow your monthly recurring revenue, but no one really knows how to do it…

You’re wasting valuable time, resources and money testing long game strategies like product-led growth, SEO optimisation and are maybe dabbling with paid ads. 

Maybe, you’ve even been through the excruciating hiring and firing process of ‘low performance’ sales and marketing people. 

Nothing you’ve tried to date has cracked consistent, new revenue growth and your runway is running out.

You’re thinking about new features in the shower, debating giving away valuable equity too soon and have growing anxiety that nothing you’re trying is moving the needle.

It’s not your fault. There is a good reason that the majority of SaaS startups' growth flatlines or declines after a promising ‘false start’ for one reason….

The truth is… You know your startup has insane potential, your courage and intelligence coming this far already are undeniable. But, the secret is to build a revenue machine and get hockey-stick growth you need to execute the right actions in the right order.

It’s easy to spin your wheels. There are countless growth ‘hacks’, SaaS trends and startup ‘bibles’ like ‘The Lean Startup’. But none of them are applicable to your business. You have a mountain of responsibilities, no one seems to ‘get it’ and you feel alone.

What you need is actionable advice that uses a lean methodology and gets actual results.

The secret is, that you can easily scale to £1Million ARR in 12 months (without having to raise funding, hire a large team, or burn cash on fruitless projects that don’t move the needle). 

You can hit that the £1M benchmark and then rapidly scale to £10M using a strong sales process and implementing high conversion video funnels. 

However, knowing how to do this correctly is not common knowledge - VCs actually don’t want you to discover this on your own because funding your startup (and taking a share of your hard-earned profits) is how their business model works. 

We are the only SaaS startup consultancy that gets you to £1Million without having to rely on investors, burn your runway or waste any time and money on BS. 

Our background & experience

Benjamin Bowes and Emma Tiegan
Hi, We’re Benjamin and Emma and we’re glad you got to us now.

After spending years working with the fastest growing startups on the planet, we founded GrowthPound in 2021 to help SaaS entrepreneurs, solve the profitable unit case, dominate their market and add millions to their valuations, without wasting a second of time, a penny on low ROI ads, or taking funding from non-strategic investors too soon.

Embedded in the London startup scene, we helped hundreds of SaaS entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster and with more ease than previously thought possible. 

After spending millions of pounds on testing and years in trial and error, we learned first-hand what increases your recurring revenue and most importantly, what doesn’t. 

Our goal was simple...

To discover how to rapidly hit real, and ambitious revenue targets in the shortest time frame possible, with the least resources possible.

We were shocked to discover that ‘common’ advice was not only wrong but in most cases, damaging to SaaS startups.

What we did instead worked so well, that entrepreneurs from across the globe were hungry to know how we were not only reaching but surpassing ridiculously high revenue targets in tough financial climates. 

We decided to share our expertise that was previously kept behind closed doors, with SaaS entrepreneurs looking to grow from 10K+ monthly recurring revenue to £10 Million (and beyond) at breakneck speed, without a single sleepless night worried you’ll have to call it a day...

How to grow to £10Million

Step 1Define your most profitable niche and laser focus your resources

Step 1 focus

Old way: sell to everyone

Make your solution and website for more than one very specific target customer. 

New way: laser focus on profit

Discover your most profitable niche and dial in all of your efforts.

Old result

Slow growth, an unmotivated and 'low-performance' team. You'll end up looking for non-strategic funding just to keep the lights on. 

New result

Experience fast growth, raving customer reviews and become the #1 player in your market. 

Pay attention. 
You can use this strategy to rapidly start moving the needle 

But, wouldn't it be better to sell to everyone?

No. There is an ancient proverb "“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one" for a reason. 

This applies to life and your SaaS startup.

By selling to more than one extremely specific target customer, your sales messaging will be weak, it won't resonate with anyone and most importantly will not convert leads into paying customers. 

Plus, think about your ad spend. 

Without specific targeting your marketing costs are going to be sky high, with low or zero ROI.

Step 2: Build a VSL funnel and battle-test using free, organic methods

Step 2 build a VSL funnel and battle-test using free organic methods

Old way: expensive "build it and they will come" mentality

Have a 'build it and they will come mentality'. Build a website with an about us page and wait for the leads to roll in.

New way: drive qualified, red hot leads into your high conversion funnel

Craft a high conversion funnel that sells for you 24/7. No management or babysitting required.

Old result

Painful conversion rates. Impossible to measure what’s working and what’s not Burning money on unsuccessful Facebook, or Google Ads. Secret sobbing.

New result

Celebrating wildly high conversion rates. Watching your revenue skyrocket as you do less. Cutting all unnecessary overheads like an assassin.

This is one of the main hidden reasons why SaaS MRR 
growth flatlines...

A VSL funnel is a video sales letter funnel. Think of it as your very best sales person, selling for you around the clock all day, everyday. No holiday breaks. No expensive wages. No headaches.

Video sales letters are common in other industries but are not yet being optimised and utilised for SaaS. Which means you'll be there to mop up all the profits...

Step 3: Scale using paid traffic, a VSL funnel and install a 
junior sales team (for high ticket deals)

Step 3 scale using paid traffic

Old way: hire the wrong employees

Hire a Head Of Sales, a Marketing Manager or an agency too soon, then inconsistently throw money into ads and 'sales tools.'

New way: use smart automation and lower overheads

Effortlessly create killer ads that blow revenue targets out of the water within hours.

Hire a lean, hungry and insanely motivated sales team to close high ticket deals and let your funnel do the rest, whilst you focus on what matters most.

Old result

By taking this common, but ineffective course of action you will quickly end up extremely frustrated and confused why you’re paying employees or an agency so much but not seeing any results? 

You'll start to feel sick that you’ve spent thousands on paid ads without any positive ROI. 

Then, the self doubt will kick in 'why is it working for others and not for me?'

New result

Save thousands in wages.

Get a minimum of 3X ROI on paid ads - money in, more money out!

Achieve team zen. No more managing a bloated, high maintenance team. 

The #1 common (but deadly) mistake SaaS founders make...

Is thinking that they need to hire senior sales and marketing people too soon and it's no wonder, it's the route most founders make.

Here's the secret sales and marketing managers should only be brought onboard when there is something to 'manage'. 

Think about it. If the sales and marketing managers were able to lift your business to £10Million+ then why wouldn't they have their own companies? They would be able to follow the process and create business after business if they really knew how to sell online. 

Early stage SaaS founders should not run the risk of implementing expensive hires before the profitable unit case is validated and there is a junior team that needs management (if it is a high ticket solution) - Lower ticket solutions should always use an automated funnel, which will increase profits and save you runway.

There are 2 ways to grow to £10Million+ 

Option #1
try it alone
same actions. same results.
  • Costs way more
  • Takes much longer
  • 90% failure rate
  • Slow, or no growth
  • Hiring mistakes
  • Investment desperation mode
  • Lack of focus and direction
  • No support
Option #2
work with us
start growing now.
  • Save thousands
  • The faster route to £10Million+
  • Proven growth strategies
  • Hockey-stick growth
  • Achieve exec zen
  • Attract strategic investors
  • Laser focus and step by step plan
  • Experienced support
Imagine having a battle-tested step by step plan showing you precisely what you need to do to reach £10Million+ in 12 months or less...

Imagine having investors fight over your startup and turning them down because you don’t need them.

Imagine having experienced, positive help who not only understand the challenges you’re going through, but can pull you through them with actionable advice that actually moves the needle.

If you try to figure this out yourself…

It could take you a long time to isolate a profitable niche, you run out of cash, have to start over or give up and return to the workforce.

You could struggle to build a high conversion funnel and validate it with free sources, ending up with confusing false negatives.

You could end up making huge mistakes with outbound prospecting (wrong message, wrong sequence, wrong tools) and burn your leads.

You could waste valuable time trying to test and learn to get each piece of the puzzle correct. If you’ve never built a successful tech business before, the odds are that you will fail. Tough love.

You could try and hire a salesperson or marketer who will fail without the assets you don’t have, or know how to build. If they knew how to build them, they’d be running as your competition already.

Or, you could work with us at zero risk…

You will know exactly how to generate new, predictable and consistent revenue.

You will immediately start your growth journey to £10 Million without ever losing focus, or wasting time and money working on projects that don’t move the needle.

You will be on the easiest and fastest path to profitability, lengthening your runway and saving you from tremendous levels of stress.

You will flood your business with new leads, experiencing insane conversion rates whilst rapidly growing your revenue.

You can breathe again knowing that you have experienced help with experts who have been there before and can guide you clearly through the process

Your team will see the change and will level up their own skills. They will work harder and with more purpose having a clear sense of direction

You will find a new gear of work ethic and motivation.

You will have crystal clarity and laser focus on what you should be doing when to do it and precisely how to do it.

This will be your best chance of building a multi-million-pound business that gives you the financial freedom to live exactly how you want and support your family.

SaaS Founders & CEOs 

Technical Entrepreneurs

 High Ticket Service Businesses

Why are you waiting to grow?
your competitors aren't...

Smashing Revenue Growth Targets

Just imagine being able to bootstrap profitably, or
attract the world's best strategic investors to you...

  • Learn how you can exit for over £100Million
  • ​Hit insane growth targets every single month
  • ​Completely understand extremely rapid growth strategies and avoid mistakes
  • Feel unshakable confidence in your leadership
WeWork office
Capdesk team
  • Impress the world's top VCs (and take control)
  • ​Motivate and inspire an ultra high performance team
  • ​Gain crystal clarity on what you need to do and when to maximise revenue growth
  • Become a recognised and respected leader


  • You will be able to generate qualified leads at a rate that you have never seen before
  • You will be able to close at over 20%
  • You can get to £1Million in less than 12 months if you execute properly
  • ​You can finally get rid of that low engagement, zero ROI marketing
  • ​You can forget about missing your quarterly numbers and explaining your failures to investors, your team and your family
  • Y​ou will feel completely empowered, have unshakable confidence, and unstoppable motivation


FullStack SaaS Growth Consulting™

Before, when you wanted to increase your monthly recurring revenue, you would have to painfully A/B test your way through, let’s face it, guesswork projects which may or may not move the needle. Three months later, you feel deflated, demotivated and let’s say it, pissed off with your results, team and life. 

You’d try and look on the bright-side, all testing is learning, right?...

But you know that if you keep testing any longer, you’re back to working that job you hated, or worse… 

But now, you can receive crystal clear, no BS, experienced help from growth engineers who have successful careers and a proven track record hitting ambitious SaaS revenue targets and growing startups and adding millions to their valuations, without wasting a second of time, or any money on activities that don’t move the needle!

Powerful Growth Platform

So how does it work? 

Before, when you wanted to plan projects that increase recurring revenue you would research growth strategies, read or watch some content online about what worked for Uber, Airbnb, Elon Musk and then think about applying it to your SaaS startup. 

You’d dabble in different initiatives, maybe burn some money on Facebook or Google Ads with little, or no ROI. 

You start thinking about taking up Brazilian jiu jitsu, or craft beer to let out the silent frustration that’s building because what worked for Google didn’t work for you did it, but you don’t know why?

Now, you can simply login to the GrowthPound Platform with an actionable step by step growth plan specifically designed to get you real results. 

Think of the Platform as your action plan to reaching £10Million. 

If you execute on it, you won’t fail to reach your goals, or have to start thinking about raising investment out of desperation. 

You’ll feel confident with an optimised process which you and your team can follow. 

No guesswork. 

No stress.

Weekly Accountability Calls and World Class Support

You’re not on your own anymore. 

It’s more challenging founding and leading a startup than anyone who hasn’t done it before realises.

It’s lonely. It’s stressful. It’s hard. 

Before, being your own boss, you’d have no one to hold you accountable for your growth. No one to push you in the right direction. No one to ask the tough questions.

Your Weekly Accountability Calls and World Class Support are a game changer. 
Now, you can get the essential support you need to achieve the hardest benchmark of them all, hitting your first £1 Million. 

The journey doesn’t have to be painful. 

It could even be… fun?!...

Learn exactly how you can rapidly
grow to 
£10 Million, right now!

Limited spaces available. Don't hesitate building your legacy.


What you get

  • FullStack SaaS Growth Consulting™: Rapidly increase new revenue and revenue retention, whilst building a well-oiled revenue machine
  • Powerful Growth Platform: Access anytime. Anywhere. For you and your team
  • Weekly Accountability Calls & World-Class Support: Become disciplined, motivated and optimise your entire business
  • ​FullStack Growth Roadmap: Your personal step by step growth plan. Never guess how to grow again
  • ​Systems & Automation + Frameworks: Insider blueprints for rapid (and stable) scaling
  • BONUS #1:​ GrowthPound startup MOT & Powerful growth modelling
  • BONUS #2: Full tech stack guides for optimised workflow and upgraded efficiency 
  • BONUS #3: Actionable templates, schematics, scripts, plug & play wireframes, and so much more...

Everything you need to quickly grow your company!


I'm not sure if I can afford this?
Can you really afford to keep doing what you’re doing now and getting the same results?

If your startup is not spitting out profits, there are only 2 problems: 

1. Your copy is off - you can't get someone's attention and convince them to buy your products or services, or…

2. Your offer is off, meaning your products or services are not resonating as well as you need them to be in the market. 

We will help you solve one or both of these problems.

Can't I just hire someone?
The truth is that you can get others to build your website, run an outbound campaign, launch the ad campaigns, report on campaigns, set up drip sequences, etc… But the content within the assets will need to be written by you or someone close to the customers (someone with the deep domain expertise). 

If you hire someone to write the copy for you, it will likely be wrong, the marketing won't work, and you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

We will guide you, show you exactly what you need to do to get insane results and save you years of time and chronic stress.

How do I know if I'm ready? Am I too early stage?
There is never a perfect time and you are never going to feel 100% ready. There are always thousands of tasks you could be doing, however, they are typically not the right tasks that will get you to £1Million in 12 months or less.

If your current strategies are not working and you are feeling frustrated because you are not progressing fast enough, then this is for you. 

If there is even a 10% chance that this will unstick you and you and get you to your first £1M, then it usually makes sense to move forward. 

If you are at least 40% sure that this will help, you then move forward. 

We of course offer a guarantee since we back up everything that we do. If you are in doubt, just give it a shot and see for yourself, there’s nothing to lose.
How would you compare yourself to agencies? Is an agency a better fit for me?
You can go with an agency, but the long term solution is to have these skills in house. An agency might be able to get you a quick bump in results, but they are playing the game of “not losing you” instead of “delivering incredible returns.”

The agency model is fundamentally flawed - the more customers they bring on, the less attention they can give to each customer, eventually, the results converge to 0, just by nature of the business.

Typically really skilled marketers who work at agencies, don’t continue down that path; they end up getting full-time roles within companies and with large salaries and a long list of benefits.

Most agencies don’t have the skills to actually get results. 

Most agencies don’t have a clear track record and they are non-transparent with respect to their results. If you are going to work with someone, make sure that they can show you under the hood. If they can’t get into the nitty, gritty details and show you a clear business case that consistently produces positive ROI for multiple customers, then it’s too risky to work with them and you are better off developing the skills in house.
Can you help us enter a new market?
Yes, many of our customers come to us to learn how to enter new markets with complete efficiency. 

Get ready to rapidly become the #1 player in the market leaving your competitors scratching their heads wondering how you overtook them so fast.
Does it matter if I’m bootstrapped, or funded?
We have worked with many customers who are bootstrapped and many who are backed by some real money. Both are entrepreneurs!

Funding is just like gasoline on the fire, but you still need to get the fire started in the first place. 

We will help you start that fire, and THEN help you dump gasoline on it with paid ads and inside sales teams.

Customers who are backed by VC firms are often led by highly-motivated founders who work with us and run like the wind since they have the resources to execute extremely quickly. If you have raised investment, you should work with us as soon as possible to achieve hockey-stick growth.

Our bootstrapped customers smash it too, however, it SOMETIMES takes them a little longer than funded startups to reach multiple millions as they have fewer resources and therefore time.

Some of our most successful customers are bootstrapped, funding is just another way to play the same game!

How much resources and time are required to get results?
The typical successful customer will spend 1-2 hours per day on GrowthPound related activities for 1-2 months straight to experience serious results.

Of course, we have superstars who spend 8-10 hours per day on GrowthPound activities and experience exceptional results, however this is not for everyone and we understand that.

We recommend that if you have a team, delegate some activities to them whilst you work on the foundations to build the strongest revenue machine possible.
Will this work for me if I’m in America, India, Europe... Mars?
One of the beautiful aspects of operating a SaaS startup is the option of being location independent.

The internet has now allowed you to target and reach anyone who also has an internet connection. 

We ran a multi-million-pound startup from a sofa in London, England. And, we could have done it in a jungle lodge in Costa Rica, or an internet cafe in India. 

GrowthPound will work for you in any country, as long as you have made the commitment to be successful to YOURSELF and have a strong internet connection. 

What will be the return on investment be?
We are not the cheapest solution out there, but we pride ourselves on being the best and our main focus is on helping you grow your SaaS startup quicker and faster than you may have thought ever possible.

Our clients have reported £1Million revenue gains that have resulted in £10m+ equity gains in less than 12 months. The ROI in this situation is almost comical. 

Most clients will report a 200-500% increase in the first 12 months. The ROI is usually around 10X.

Some clients go through the product-market-fit stage and learn that their offer needs to be improved, which saves them years of work and most likely complete failure and having to return to the workforce. 
How does the guarantee work?
We offer an action-based guarantee. If our clients execute the Action Plan - where they write their content, publish it, drive traffic to it, and are still not able to drive at least 3 opportunities per week at the end of 3 months, then we offer a full 100% money-back-guarantee. 

That's it. 

Our process works and we put our money where our mouth is. 
Does this work for small or big teams?
GrowthPound works for solo founders working from their basement, all the way up to teams of around 50. 

If you’re below £1Million in revenue, you should not have a team larger than 50 people.

We follow a lean methodology, with a focus on profitability rather than corner offices and vanity metrics. We don’t want you distracted from your growth due to managing an overly bloated team. 

Leading a SaaS startup is hard enough as it is, without hand-holding or babysitting your team. 

When you work with us, you’ll gain access to powerful growth modelling, which shows your overheads vs growth projections - you’ll have the numbers most founders and CEOs don’t understand until it’s too late, and so much more!

This sounds like work my end, I don't have the bandwidth?
This is what most of our customers said before they signed up. 

However, after they started they learned that the tasks and projects they were prioritising before were low priority, often busy work which makes you feel good and productive but doesn’t actually move the needle. 

When you work with us, we will help you make the best use of your time and get much more out of your current efforts. 

If you have someone who is managing marketing or sales, then they can join too and significantly increase their output. 

When you join us you will be shocked at the amount of time and energy we will be able to save you.  
What if I'm not a SaaS startup, will this work for me?
You don't need to be a SaaS startup to experience results. 

You’ll also see incredible results if you are a high ticket service business, for example, a development agency, a graphic design service, a legal firm, etc.

If you are serious and curious if we can help you simply hit the ‘Get A Price’ button to find out. 

We are always upfront and honest if we can help you get results as we are only looking for win/win situations. If we don’t think we can help you we’ll let you know, free, no strings attached and no hard feelings. 
How quickly can I get started?
We purposely keep our client numbers low, so we can fully support you on your journey to £1Million and beyond. 

Hit the ‘Get A Price’ button right now and book a free, no-strings-attached call to speak with one of our growth engineers. 

During the call, if we’re a good fit and have capacity we will get you started right away, or at a date that suits you. 

We recommend you do this as soon as possible so you can start seeing results as soon as possible!
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